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Kaya's Hero (american Girl (quality))

4 stars
Kayas Hero
ASIN: 1584854278

American Girl

Author: Janet Shaw

Brief summary:

In 1764, Kaya greatly admires a courageous and kind young woman in her Nez Percé village and wants to be worthy of her respect. Includes historical notes on the winter activities of the Nez Percé Indians, including ceremonies and crafts.
You might want to read Kaya's Hero (american Girl (quality)) an ideal book written by Janet Shaw. Written by Janet Shaw and the publisher is American Girl. It was released around September of 2002. The paperback children book is for ages 84 months+ and features Self-esteem and is regarded as awesome fiction. When you're in the library you can certainly look it up using the DDC, PZ7.S53423 Kayk 2002. The book has 96 pages and it contains a variety of artistically colored illustrations. The kids book accentuates Indians of North America, Nez Percé Indians and Conduct of life. The book is 0.26"H x 8.56"L x 6.16"W and it has got a weight of 0.48 lbs. I would like for you to get the best price when buying a book.

When Swan Circling saves a baby on a runaway horse, Kaya is awed by the young warrior woman's bravery. Kaya wants to be strong like Swan Circling, and she hopes to turn into her friend, too. Kaya knows she's created mistakes, can she be worthy of Swan Circling's friendship?


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