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Meet Kaya (american Girl (quality))

4 stars
Meet Kaya
ASIN: 1584854235

American Girl

Author: Janet Shaw

In 1764, when Kaya and her family reunite with other Nez Percé Indians to fish for the red salmon, she learns that bragging, even about her swift horse, can lead to trouble. Includes historical notes on the Nez Percé Indians.
Your kids will love Meet Kaya , an American girl. The author is Janet Shaw and it was published in September of 2002 by American Girl. The children book is for ages 84 months and up and is centered on Pride and vanity and it is viewed as outstanding fiction. The children book is 88 pages long and it has colorfully illustrated pictures. Book 1. The book talks about Indians of North America, Nez Percé Indians, Horses and Conduct of life.

Kaya dreams of racing her beautiful mare Actions High. As they ride, Kaya loses sight of her tiny brothers. Her carelessness earns her a nickname that her pals won't let her forget. Her father warns her that the horse isn't ready, but when a pesky boy insults Steps High, Kaya accepts his challenge to race.


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