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Mini Mysteries 3 (american Girl Mysteries)

4 stars
Mini Mysteries 3
ASIN: 1593692811

American Girl

Author: Rick Walton

Contains twenty mystery stories for readers to solve. The solutions can be found by lifting the flaps on the back pages of the book.
Mini Mysteries 3 - 20 more tricky tales to untangle is a must own book. The author is Rick Walton and it was published in September of 2007 by American Girl. The children book has 80 pages and it incorporates a good number of colorfully illustrated pages.

Marie, Noelle, and all their friends are back to solve far more mysteries---big and small. This year, the girls struggle all year lengthy to earn adequate money to travel to Hawaii where their biggest mystery ever awaits them. Along with Marie and her best friend, Noelle, girls must figure out which clues in the story will support solve the mystery and which ones are red herrings--those false leads that can send a reader inside the wrong path. These popular books appeal to girls who love to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and crack instances! Once the reader solves a mystery, she can tear open a case folder inside the back in the book to check her answer. A repeating cast of characters and real-life girl situations permit readers to connect with the stories they're reading.


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