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Puzzle Of The Paper Daughter: A Julie Mystery (american Girl Mysteries (quality))

4 stars
Puzzle Of The Paper Daughter A Julie
ASIN: 1593696582

American Girl

Author: Kathryn Reiss


In 1970s San Francisco, Julie and her best friend Ivy learn about Chinese immigration in the early twentieth century when they investigate a mysterious doll theft.
Children love this magnificent book. Written by Kathryn Reiss and the publisher is American Girl. The book went on sale on the 1st of March, 2010. In case you are in the library you can quite likely look it up with the DDC, PZ7.R2776 Pu 2010. The children book is 192 pages long and it has colorfully illustrated pages. American Girl, click the weblink below.

Julie discovers a mysterious note written in Chinese. Seeking clues, Julie and Ivy search all more than Chinatown and even visit the immigration station on Angel Island. Who would do such a thing, and why? She brings it to her friend Ivy to translate, and learns that the note once belonged to Ivy's grandmother, from extended ago when she was a girl immigrating from China to San Francisco. Soon after the discovery of the note, Julie's and Ivy's beloved dolls are stolen. The note promises great treasure, however it doesn't quite make sense--it's nearly as if the writer was sending a secret message in code. Gradually, Julie realizes that to be in a position to locate the doll thief, she must figure out the true message hidden inside the Chinese note.


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