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The Tangled Web: A Julie Mystery (american Girl Mysteries)

4 stars
Tangled Web A Julie Mystery
ASIN: 1593694768

American Girl

Author: Kathryn Reiss


In 1977 San Francisco, Julie wants to be just like her new friend Carla, until she discovers that Carla is either in big danger or telling big lies.
Shopping to buy an outstanding book? You ought to read Tangled Web: A Julie Mystery - a Julie mystery written by Kathryn Reiss! The author is Kathryn Reiss and it was published around March of 2009 by American Girl. The kids book is meant for ages 108 months and up, and is focused on Honesty and it is thought to be fantastic juvenile fiction. The book is 168 pages long and it consists of illustrations. For more information about this children book, check out the market add to cart button on this page.

Julie really likes the new girl in her class, Carla Warner. Still, there's something odd about her. The things Carla says don't quite add up, and she seems to stay away from answering certain concerns. At 1st Julie is sure there's a sensible explanation, but as Carla's stories turn out to be more outlandish, Julia can't escape a disturbing fact: either her new friend is lying--or she's in real danger.


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